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Ale & Beer Aviation Cars

Ballantine Ale

Budweiser Beer

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer

Schlitz Beer

United Brewers


Clothing & Fashion

Air Step Shoes

Alligator Raincoats

American Cotton

B.V.D. Corporation

Cannon Hosiery

Forstmann Woolen Company

Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothes

Interwoven Socks

Jarman Shoes

Kedetts Shoes

Mallroy Hats

Naturalizer Shoes

Pacific Factag Fabrics

Poll Parrot Shoes

Real Silk Hosiery

Regal Shoes

Reliance Manufacturing Company

Roblee Shoes

Sanforized Label

Skipper Sportswear

Stetson Vita Felt Hats

TruVal Shirts


Home & Kitchen

Cannon Sheets & Towels

General Electric

Hoover Company

Lady Pepperell Fabrics

Manning Bowman

Samson Card Tables

Scottissue & Scottowels

Toastmaster Toasters



Continental Can Company

Ductillite Tinplate

Larry The Laundry-Mans Cash Contest

Ray-O-Vac Flashlight Batteries

Alcoa Aluminum

Clopay Window Shades

General Electric

Philco Corporation

Scotch Tape

Statler Hotels



Agfa Ansco Plenachrome Film

Kodak Film

Univex Cine 8

Movie Cameras



Camel Cigarettes

Chesterfield Cigarettes

Kaywoodie Briar Pipes

Kool Cigarettes

Model Smoking Tobacco

Old Gold Cigarettes

Pall Mall Cigarettes



Ballintine's Whiskey

Bellow's Whiskey

Calvert Whiskey

Canadian Club Whiskey

Corby's Whiskey

Early Times Whiskey

Four Roses Whiskey

G & W Whiskey

Glenmore Whiskey

Golden Wedding Whiskey

Green River Whiskey

Air Transport Association

Allison Aircraft Engines

American Airlines Inc

Bendix Aviation Corporation

Consolidated Aircraft Corporation

Lockheed Aviation Corporation

Martin Aircraft Company

Nash Kelvinator Corporation

North American Aviation Inc

Piper Aircraft Inc

United Aircraft Corporation

United Airlines Inc



Bell Telephone System

Western Electric

Westinghouse Electric


Food & Drink

Bakers Chocolate

Birds Eye Frosted Foods

Borden's Hemo

Bread Is Basic

Campbell's Soups

Carnation Milk

Chase & Sanborn Coffee

Clicquot Club

Dextrose Sugar

Diamond Crystal Shaker Salt

Fleischmanns Yeast

Good Luck Margarine

Hires Root Beer

H. J. Heinz Company


Maxwell House Coffee

Nestles Chocolate

Quaker Puffed Sparkies



Dust Be My Destiny

One Night In Lisbon


The Chocolate Soldier

The Shepherd Of The Hills

Sergeant York

Ten Gentlemen From West Point

The March Of Time

To The Shores OfTripoli

Wings For The Eagle


Radios & Records

Capehart Panamuse Farnsworth Radios

Columbia Masterworks Records

Crosley Radios

General Electric Radios

RCA Victor Phonographs & Radios

Sparton Combinations Radios

Stromberg Carlson Radios

Victor Red Seal Records





Harper Whiskey

Hiram Walker's Whiskey

Imperial Whiskey

Jameson Irish American Whiskey

Kentucky Whiskey

King Whiskey

Kinsey Whiskey

M & M Whiskey

Mount Vernon Whiskey

Old Charter Whiskey

Old Crow Whiskey

Old Forester Whiskey

Ford Cars

Mercury Cars

Nash Cars

Oldsmobile Cars

Packard Cars

Pontiac Cars

Studebaker Cars



Income Tax

Insurance Company Of North America

John Hancock Life Insurance Company

State Farm Insurance Companies

The Prudential Life Insurance Company

The Union Central Life Insurance Company


Health & Beauty

Barbasol Shaving Cream

Campana Balm

Coty Perfumes

Durham Duplex Razors

Gem Razor Blades

Ipana Tooth Paste

Listerine Tooth Paste & Tooth Powder

Mennen Shaving Products

Old Spice

Palmolive Soap

Pepsodent Tooth Paste

Ponds Cold Cream

Remington Rand Electric Shavers

Schick Electric Shavers

Swan Soap

Teel Liquid Dentifrice

Toushay Hand Lotion

Vitalis Hair Care


Musical Instruments

The Hammond Organ


Office Equipment

Mimeograph Duplicators

Monroe Adding Calculators

Royal Typewriters

Smith Corona Typewriters


Pens & Pencils

Eversharp Pens & Pencils

Parker Pens & Parker Quink Ink

Sheaffer's Pens



American Locomotive

American Railroads

Association Of American Railroads

General Motors Locomotives

Pennsylvania Railroad

Pullman Sleeping Cars



Elgin Watches

Gruen Watches

Hamilton Watches

Harvel Watches

Ingersoll Watches

Old Grand Dad Whiskey

Old Schenley Whiskey

Old Taylor Whiskey

Paul Jones Whiskey

Philadelphia Whiskey

P M Whiskey

Schenley Whiskey

Seagram's Whiskey

Signet Whiskey

Ten High Whiskey

Three Feathers Whiskey

Tom Hardy Whiskey

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