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Collecting Vintage Ads: Where to Look

Everything vintage seems to be worth more these days, which makes collecting vintage ads a very lucrative hobby. Aside from collecting a piece of history, you may also enjoy the rewarding returns of acquiring vintage signs and ads. There is actually money to be made from collecting vintage ads, and collectors even compare their pieces to a collection of fine art!

But where do you look for vintage ads, should you decide to start your collection today? Here are some tips where you should start your vintage ad hunting:

1. Garage sales – look for garage sales in your local newspapers or online directory sites. A tip: the older the home, the more likely you’ll find valuable vintage magazines and newspapers. Since most garage sales are basically just giving away stuff for the lowest price, you may start collecting vintage ads with just a very small investment.

2. The attic – you may have old newspapers, posters and magazines that you may have stored in the attic. Cut these ads carefully and place them in a display case or frame. Alternatively, you may place these in a scrapbook with plastic covers to protect them from getting damaged.

3. Auctions – local auctions are great ways to look for valuable vintage ads; these may cost more than rummaging from garage sales and from your attic but collectors agree that collecting vintage ads from auctions are worth it. Considering that most auctions hire appraisers for their items and guarantees for each item that is up for bid, you will definitely get the best deal possible.

4. Online – there are so many vintage ads sellers online that will be happy to help you out. Some ads may be purchased for as little as £1.00 per ad, others may cost hundreds of pounds depending on the age, condition, the popularity of the brand or the model featured in the ad. There are even sellers who only sell humorous vintage ads, only Coca Cola ads, feminist ads or military ads which make collecting ads more diverse. But of course, be extra careful in dealing with merchants online, always shop on trusted sites and never give personal information unless necessary.

5. Private collections – there are people who are also into collecting vintage ads but are willing to sell or trade their collections as well. You can easily find collectors from online sites, vintage ads forum sites and in social networking sites. You can easily spot a vintage ad collector from the décor of his/her home or his/her business establishment and you may start your purchase or trade off from there. But of course, buying from a collector may be the most expensive way to purchase and collect vintage ads, but again, buying from an expert may be the most lucrative way to acquire authentic vintage items.

Collecting vintage ads is certainly more than a hobby; it is revisiting the days when smoking Lucky Strikes could make you slimmer as well as sanitized tapeworms, making you thinner no matter how much you eat!

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